Susie Hart is a drummer, mama, and website developer. She went to China on a whim for 6 months about 15 years ago and has miraculously managed to keep renewing her visa to live there till this day. By then, she’d already completed a Network Computing degree which only furthered her budding interest in building and growing websites, and eventually landed her a dream job at Adobe working on the Global Web Team.

When Adobe shifted gears and moved out of China, she decided to go back to her true love – helping people and small- and medium-sized businesses build and grow their own websites.

She believes that building and growing your own website or blog should be easy and even enjoyable. She’s a fan of speaking about websites in plain English and knows that you don’t need to use jargon and acronyms to sound like you know what you’re talking about.

She now has one band (which vaguely resembles the White Stripes but unfortunately does not sound like them), one toddler and one basil plant.